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School Admission

The first week of February of every succeeding Year.
Age appropriateness and completion of relevant level of schooling.
Child should meet basic criteria and other factors like proximity of residence, siblings, and diversity etc. will be considered.
Yes, if there is a vacancy in that particular grade and if the candidate meets all the criteria listed by the School.

School Activities

Dance, music, needlework, computers etc. Other extracurricular activities in the senior school include: Basketball, Football, Volley Ball, Dance, Music, English Languages, Quiz, Handwriting, Theatre, Art and Calligraphy etc.
Every Friday school organize various sorts of extra activities for level wise students. Also, school has other cultural programs as Nepali calendar and sports week too.
Narendra Bahadur Bohara takes care most of the extra activities. His contact number is 9848776534

About School

Mon-Fri : 10:00 am to 4:00 pm except for ECA days (Friday) when School might shortened to 3PM for grades 1 to 5. Saturdays is School holiday.
Gyanodaya Secondary School has science lab, computer lab, two libraries for lower grade and upper grade, playground ant others.
Currently the curriculums are both in Nepali and English language based.

Teaching Learning

Yes. Need based and merit based scholarships are available.
Progressive, child centered and practical based.

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